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The recently unveiled single by Okan Ersan and Soner Ersen, "You Must Believe in Spring," invites us to embark on a poetic journey through the convergence of celestial realms and the rejuvenating embrace of spring. The cover art, a tapestry of imagery, intertwines the cosmos with the vibrancy of the season, casting an artistic spell upon the observer.
Within this visual narrative, the juxtaposition of an astronaut and the spring colors evokes a sense of wonder and aspiration. The astronaut symbolizes humanity's ceaseless exploration and desire to transcend boundaries, while the effulgent hues of spring represent renewal and the perpetuity of life. It is a union of two worlds, a synergy that beckons us to look beyond the confines of our earthly existence and reach for the stars.
In "You Must Believe in Spring," the single encapsulates a profound, almost philosophical message – the belief in the eternal cycle of life and the aspiration to elevate our existence to new frontiers. It is a masterful fusion of artistry and imagination, much like the intersection of cultures and ideas.
Mixing and Mastering by Erkan Adlin
Cover Artwork by Alan Kahlo

“Suddenly” ℗ 2023 Unique Music House Released on: 2023-09-06
Producer, Arranger: Erkan Erzurumlu
Mixing Engineer: Ersan Erzurumlu
Music Publisher: MSG

Erkan Erzurumlu: Flamenco Guitar
Okan Ersan: Acoustic Guitar
Engin Erzurumlu: Acoustic Guitar

Jazz Ballad (Composed by Okan Ersan)

“One by One”
In recent years, there have been many souls that we have lost from our close inner circle, that we loved and valued. Our relationships and experiences are now only in memories and picture frames. Of course, people don’t love to forget… This work I have done is a piece that I started in November 2017 and that I wrote in loving and painful memory of the precious ones that have moved on from this world, whom I have honoured until today in sorrow and took its final shape with the passing of my be loved pet Ivy…
What I mean is that, “Music Art” is about expressing feelings and thoughts with sounds, so I tried to reflect all the words that have lodged themselves in my throat and the weight I feel in my chest with this work, expressing my own feelings…

PRS Guitars Clinic by Simon Mc Bride & Jose Chaure /
Special Guest Okan Ersan
6 November 2019